Prevue Assessments

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Your Staff can be an Asset or Liability, it Pays to get it Right.

Hills Staff is proud to be a Prevue Distributor and would like to introduce two wonderful additional services it now offers – Prevue Assessment and Prevue for Careers.

Prevue is an internationally recognised online Pre Employment Assessment.

Prevue enables Employers to measure the potential of individuals by evaluating their abilities, personality and interests.  

Prevue’s unique benchmarking facility also provides Employers the ability to construct tailor made job profiles.  Benchmarking is critical in determining what type of people best suit the position as well as establishing whether the Employee’s values are in line with the Company’s culture.

Prevue Assessments can be used for Candidate selection, Development and Coaching as well as Promoting and also Succession Planning.

Prevue Assessments assists Employers in hiring wisely, developing their staff effectively and promoting knowingly. 

Prevue has undergone extensive evaluation to ensure that it is fair, valid and reliable and was developed by leading authorities in occupational testing, Professor David Bartram and Dr Pat Lindley.

Prevue Assessments can be wholly managed by Hills Staff or we can provide training and access for you to manage yourself.

We guarantee that the Prevue assessment will add value to your Company by:

  • reducing staff turnover
  • reducing recruitment costs
  • facilitate better decisions for hiring and promotion
  • identifying individual strengths for performance and development purposes
  • improving staff morale
  • improving overall performance
  • making HR processes more efficient and effective

To learn more on Prevue Assessments please contact Janette at Hills Staff, 8391 3344 or